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Wouldn’t it be amazing if…

- You were able to get a GREAT job In Australia quickly [instead of being out of work or taking a survival job to get by?]

- You could advance your career in Australia and get paid what you are worth [by understanding salary negotiations?]

- You had complete confidence, knowing that you will have achieved a better life moving to Australia [shorter working hours, lower cost of living, a wonderful climate - all made possible by that dream job?]

​And what if landing a job in Australia was easier than you expected?

Hi, I'm Ailís!

I am the Creator of Migrant Job Formula and I teach skilled migrants how to land great jobs quickly.


Ailís Logan has helped hundreds of skilled migrants achieve amazing success in Australia.

Ailís is the leading expert on skilled migrants getting jobs in Australia and has been interviewed on Sky Business News TV, The Australian Newspaper and a range of media throughout Australia.

What Do YOU Need to Succeed in Australia?

I have coached HUNDREDS of hopeful skilled migrants to success in Australia.  I know that landing a great job quickly manifests the dream of a better life in Australia.

I have coached HUNDREDS of hopeful skilled migrants to success in Australia. I know that landing a great job quickly manifests the dream of a better life in Australia.


Last Year 49% Of Migrants Failed To

Get The Job They Really Wanted In Australia,

Needlessly Wasting Time And Money -

When All They Really Needed To Know Was A Few Simple Techniques.

Get The Job YOU Deserve and Live The Life You've Dreamed Of Down Under!

Watch how Leonard Landed his Dream Job in Australia 

Put Your Skills To Work!

​Australia is one of the most desirable places to live, with 4 of Australia's cities regularly appearing in the top 10 of the World’s most liveable cities.  Unfortunately, skilled migrants moving to Australia are often surprised at how challenging it is to get the job they expected.

The similarities with other Western cultures as well as the fact that Australia is English-speaking can often lead to a false sense of security.

Moving to another country is stressful enough without aggravating the situation because you didn’t land the job you deserve.  Without the proper guidance, many skilled migrants lose their savings before they land the job they want.

Prepare Before Arrival!

Many skilled migrants are not adequately prepared before they leave home.  You are confronted with issues that you did not even think about when deciding to move to Australia.  As a consequence, you may waste valuable time and money on arrival and cause yourself a lot of unnecessary stress.  With this course, you will learn to be job-ready on arrival in Australia so you can land a job quickly.

Get Your Resume Right!

The Australian Curriculum Vitae (CV) is more commonly called a resume, although the terms are often used interchangeably.  Using the 2-page resume format commonly used in the UK and the USA does not work in Australia.  Australian employers expect a much more detailed resume with a minimum of 3-4 pages and often up to 6 pages.   For senior executives, they expect a very detailed and clear history of skills and experience.  You will learn how to easily and quickly craft a winning Australian resume.

Track Down THAT Job!

Landing a job in Australia is a lot easier for skilled migrants if you understand the particular challenges involved.  The first thing to know is that more than 70% of job vacancies are not advertised, and small to medium-sized enterprises (SME’s) make up almost three-quarters of the Australian economy.

This means many vacancies are beyond the reach of skilled migrants who have not yet built up social and professional networks.  The job market is highly competitive.  You will learn how to find a job through direct marketing ― approaching employers directly or through networking ― which makes researching the state of your industry and occupation very important.

You can immediately target potential employers -

one of the best strategies for new skilled migrants.

"Migrant Job Formula is a masterpiece!"

Joe, skilled engineering migrant 

About Ailís

[Founder of tribus lingua]

Moving to Australia is one of the most challenging [and rewarding] journeys you’ll ever experience.  Too often, I see the most amazing, professional migrants - with years of experience - struggle because they try to do it all themselves and never reach out for support and guidance.

When I arrived in Sydney I was unaware of the competition for jobs.

I had done very little research and planning.  I made incorrect assumptions about the Australian job market.  One of my main assumptions believed that because I was Irish and had a successful corporate career it would be easy for me to get a job.

I knew very little about the job market in my field.

I had no idea how different the Australian IT market was and what jobs to apply for with my skills.  I even used a two-page resume, which is not usual in Australia.

For the first three months I felt like I was on holidays.  

It was a joyful experience to go to the beaches and I felt very relaxed.  As time passed, I started to worry about finances and how long I - and my partner - could survive without jobs.  The initial excitement wore off and I missed my friends and family.

I started job-hunting in earnest.

I used online job boards and sent my application to jobs I thought I suited.  My job-hunting process followed the same path almost all skilled migrants use - and is basically the wrong approach.  I would sit at home on my computer and keep sending out resumes over and over again, thinking it’s a numbers game.  I either heard nothing back or I was sent a polite email rejection.  I found this very confronting.

I began to lose confidence in myself.  

Weeks passed with no sign of any possibility to get a job.  I began to get really down on myself and it became a very dark time that I won’t forget.  I began to question my decision and regretted moving to Australia. During this time I got into a state of mind that was very depressing – my mind felt like a broken record, constantly repeating thoughts about getting a job.

These feelings come from the body’s natural mechanism to deal with fear.  Our reaction to fear is fight or flight and I used dark thoughts to try and escape what I perceived to be a terrible situation.  Later on, I would realise that this is a creation of the mind and is not remotely helpful!

This happens to the majority of skilled migrants who come here unprepared for the challenge.

Your mind starts asking the following questions:

  • Did I make a mistake moving to Australia?
  • What am I doing here?
  • Did I make the right decision?

And this leads you to start to blame Australia and not yourself.

Would you hire a person in this state of mind?  


This is not an emotional state that makes getting a job possible.

Australia is unique and different.

Australia’s systems differ dramatically from the rest of the Western world.

What did I discover?

I learned what works in a resume for Australia. I learned that my emotional state of mind made all the difference in moving forward and finding job opportunitites.  I started making connections and focussed on industry research. Things began to change and I had interview appointments. But something still was not right.

I knew in my heart that I needed to do something else.  So I made the courageous decision to set up my own company to help skilled migrants and moved to Melbourne all in one go.  

I knew that I could help skilled migrants master the challenges of moving to Australia.

As a result of my own experience I am uniquely positioned to help skilled migrants succeed.

The things that bring about my success rate with skilled migrants is twenty years of corporate experience interviewing and hiring staff as a senior manager.  I know what employers are looking for.

I have overcome the skilled migrant challenge of succeeding in Australia myself.  My corporate experience in Ireland, the UK, the USA, Japan and China includes interviewing people from many different countries (with professional backgrounds in IT, engineering, accounting and management).  My experience working in different cultures gives me a greater understanding of what you need to succeed.

I love living in Australia now and I probably moved here for the same reasons as you...

A Chance At a Better Life

There are great job opportunities in Australia but what you need to ensure you take advantage of these opportunities is a system that works. Together we will go through secret tactics that will land you a good job in Australia.  

You will have a whole new approach to job hunting that you can use throughout your career. This eCourse is about real world knowledge of what works to get a great job. 

There are a lot of myths about skilled migrants and jobs in Australia.  You will find lots of stories about skilled migrants who did not get jobs or who are driving taxis!  Everywhere you search you will hear about what is called "local experience".  This means that Australian employers will only hire people who have worked in Australia.  But this obstacle can be overcome with the right job-hunting strategies.  


You have made a courageous choice and you deserve a job at your professional level.  


In this eCourse I will share amazing examples of skilled migrants’ success stories.  These examples are based on a job success system I developed over ten years.  The course is a ten part lesson plan that takes you step by step through the system.


I want you to join me in THIS process of thinking differently about your job hunt and to take this scary, amazing journey with me.  Let us focus on your unique, authentic self to stand out from the crowd and make it in Australia.  

Using the right system will help you succeed in Australia.

"This course really works. I got an amazing job"

Leonard, skilled accountant migrant 

I am going to inspire you to your greatest potential in Australia using a system that works!

What's in Migrant Job Formula eCourse?

Migrant Job Formula – A Success System for Skilled Migrants

eCourse Migrant Job Formula Breakdown

The ultimate step-by-step guide to success in Australia.

Lesson 1: Australia and the Job market

  • Discover exactly how to understand the Australian economy to uncover every available job opportunity.
  • Learn how to uncover every available Job opportunity
  • Uncover the secrets to finding jobs where there is little competition.

Lesson 2: Landing in Australia

  • How focussing on action in your job-hunt will keep you positive.   
  • Manage the the emotional journey to success. 
  • How to stay positive during job-hunting in Australia. 

Lesson 3: Mapping Out Your Ideal Role

  • Learn more about yourself by using specific personality tests to uncover your ideal role. 
  • Define your ideal job role to get a job faster. 
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses.

Lesson 4: Your Australian Resume

  • Create a knockout resume that sets you apart from the competition.  
  • Discover secret tactics for resume writing.  
  • Get shortlisted for interviews using a commercial approach.

Lesson 5: Create a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

  • Master the art of LinkedIn as a tool for landing a job. 
  • Create your own powerful LinkedIn Profile to stand out from the competition. 
  • Make connections that make a difference.

Lesson 6: Finding The Right Job For You

  • Develop a targeted list of qualified companies that leads to a job.  
  • Find jobs in the hidden market. 
  • Target the right people in your targeted company list.

Lesson 7: What The Employer Wants

  • Understand what the employer wants and how you can position yourself to meet those wants. 
  • Develop an understanding of how to present yourself to Australian employers. 
  • Impress Australian employers by using their terminology.

Lesson 8: Customising Your Resume

  • Increase your chances of winning an interview by using the technique of resume-customisation. 
  • Get shortlisted more often for jobs by meeting the job description specifications.  
  • Customise your cover letter and resume to increase impact for the hiring manager.

Lesson 9: Making Connections

  • Develop new industry connections. 
  • Build a strong network in Australia. 
  • Use your Network to get insider information on jobs.

Lesson 10: Interview Preparation

  • Ace the interview and beat the local competition. 
  • Learn secret techniques that set you apart from the competition. 
  • How to use the "STAR" technique to prepare thoroughly.

Mindmaps: Mindmaps for each Lesson

  • See key points for every lesson. 
  • Use as a reference guide to complete the course. 
  • Download and print out a visual guide.

Workbook: Exercises for each Lesson

  • Work out your personal custom job plan using the exercises. 
  • Download and print out to create your job plan workbook. 
  • Helps you understand all of the course content.

Resources to Save you Time

  • You get the best websites for job-hunting in Australia. 
  • Save lots of research time. 
  • Complements the lesson information.

Bonus #1 : Five Engineering Real World Custom Resumes for Australia

Value: $250 each

Bonus #2 : Five IT Real World Custom Resumes for Australia

Value: $250 each

Bonus #3 : Five Banking, Accounting and Finance Real World Custom Resumes for Australia

Value: $250 each

Bonus #4 : Three Real World Custom Cover Letters for Australia

Value: $125 each 

But Don't Take My Word For It...

Niva from Malaysia

Ade from Nigeria

Finance Manager

Business Banker

“Double blessings - I got a job as a Business Banker with one of Australia's leading banks and guess what? My wife got a customer service banking job also in the very same week. We are thrilled – we could not have done this without you.”

Ade landed a business banking job in 6 weeks.

“Australia is very different to Malaysia. The difference in my RESUME before and after was amazing. Ailis did an incredible job and coached me all the way to successfully land a Senior Finance Managers job. And all of this whilst still living in Malaysia”.

Niva landed a job in Melbourne directly from Malaysia. 

Caro from Colombia

Shujaat from Pakistan

Marketing Manager

Electrical Consulting Engineer

"I am also one of the skilled migrants who is not able to land a job due to "no local experience" In five months I was unable to get interview calls."

 It was impossible to achieve this milestone without you. All my friends are requesting my tutors details!

Shujaat landed an engineering consulting job in 7 weeks.

“Ailis is an amazing coach, I was very lucky to find and get coaching from her a few months before my arrival in Melbourne. I landed a great job in five weeks as a result of the coaching. Friends keep asking how I did it.”

Caro landed a marketing job in five weeks of arrival in Australia

FAQs (You've Got Questions - I'm Answering Them)

How long is the course?

You can do the course at your own pace. We highly recommend doing two lessons per week for five weeks.

Can I share the course with friends or family?

The information in in the course is for single users only. Contact us for multiple user discounts, [email protected]

Do I get to to speak to Ailís directly?

Yes she answers questions through your private Facebook group specifically setup for the course.

Can you guarantee I will get a job?

The information in the course is a guide to help you get a job in Australia. We cannot guarantee that you will get a job. Each individuals situation is different but our goal is to help you increase your chances of success.

Having coached hundreds of migrants to success I created my flagship eCourse Migrant Job Formula for you.

Here is What You Will Get in the Migrant Job Formula

Land a Job in Australia 10 lessons plus bonuses, resources and mind maps.

BONUS 15 Proven Real World Skilled Migrant Resumes:

Finance, Engineering and IT.

BONUS 3 Proven Real World cover letters for Finance, Engineering and IT.

The best of Job-hunting resources for Australia (saving you tons of time)

22 tips for the perfect resume.

The best of personality tests to discover your authentic self.

Secret interview techniques that brings amazing results.

In-depth company research websites.

Company listings for Finance, Engineering and IT.

Real world example of an amazing LinkedIn profile.

Job advertisement decoding guide.

114 Power Words for use in your Resume and LinkedIn Profile.

A Success Model for Skilled Migrants (including Real World Stories)

A Proven Success System to Land a Job in Australia Fast.


The ultimate step-by-step guide to success in Australia.



Payment Plan 3 easy instalments of AUD$177

One payment of AUD$497